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Now you know they had her best interests at heart

This is extremely f’d up (“Heat on Halliburton over ‘gang rape’,” AP, published in The Sydney Morning Herald 2007-12-20):

Jamie Leigh Jones, now 23, said that she was gang raped inside the Baghdad Green Zone in July 2005 while she was working for the Halliburton subsidiary KBR Inc, which has support contracts with the US military.

Jones’ KBR contract however included a clause which prevents her from suing her employer, Poe said, which will likely force her into arbitration, which he described as “a privatised justice system with no public record, no discovery and no meaningful appeal”.

There are many laws that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “can enforce with respect to contractors who commit crimes abroad, but it chooses not to”, Democrat Robert Scott said.

The DOJ “seems to be taking action with respect to enforcement of criminal laws in Iraq only when it is forced to do something by embarrassing media coverage,” he added.

Anne Frank To Get Honorary U.S. Citizenship?

According to the New York Times, there is a movement to push for Anne Frank to be granted honorary U.S. citizenship (“A Push for Citizenship to Honor Anne Frank, but It’s No Easy Sell,” Feb. 25, 2007):

How the issue came to emerge from this old seaside Long Island village is almost as intriguing as the question itself. In a compact grid of a dozen square blocks that seem cut from a Currier and Ives catalogue, there are 11 churches and zero synagogues.

The idea was proposed three years ago on the 75th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth by a Sayville resident named Christopher Bodkin, a Republican town councilman who is known around town as a kind of serial memorializer. Over the years Mr. Bodkin, 59, has researched, documented and led successful campaigns to erect memorials to Sayville citizens who died in World War II and in the Vietnam War.

His campaign for Anne Frank’s citizenship, however, is of a different order, he said in an interview: “When you come from a town like this, you tend to grow up thinking that the whole world has always been like this. Placid. Settled. It’s amazing to me how much people don’t know about what came before us.“

What about what’s coming now? For Christ’s sake, we’re involved in a horrible civil war in Iraq because a few zealots wanted to win an election in 2004. Iraq is a spectacle of American weakness. Yes, it’s a very placid, settled world indeed. And the suburbanites on Long Island are living it up!

I don’t really see what good giving Anne Frank American citizenship does myself. And if we’d given her a visa in 1941 in the first place, she never would have become the archetype she is.