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Huckabee strikes at more Mitt Romney idiocy

From “Romney Hits Huckabee for Criticizing Bush” (by Michael D. Shear, 2007-12-15) on The Washington Post‘s The Trail blog:

Sensing an opening in his desperate effort to retake the lead in Iowa, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on Saturday pounced on comments by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in which he characterized President Bush’s foreign policy as an “arrogant bunker mentality.”

Campaigning in Iowa, Romney accused Huckabee of sounding more like a Democrat than a Republican.

“It sounds like something Barack Obama or John Edwards would say — not what you hear from someone running for president as a Republican,” he told reporters. Huckabee made the comments in the latest issue of the journal Foreign Affairs.

First of all, Bush does have an “arrogant bunker mentality” to his foreign policy. The fact that Bush still has supporters is just astounding. Who are these people, and who ties their shoes in the morning? The fact that a seemingly intelligent man like Mitt Romney would still support Bush shows how morally bankrupt he is. He’s not presidential material.

However, the odder part is that Huckabee is somewhat right—Republicans and Democrats are often sounding very much alike. But then, let’s not forget that some Democrats thought it was a good idea to “authorize” the smirking chimp to attack Iraq, believing he wouldn’t do it without good reason.

What Democrats, with their spinelessness, don’t understand is that it’s not good to behave like a Republican. Democrats may never really have stood for anything, but pretending to be Republican to win votes while abandoning the people who would never vote Republican is a terrible way to win elections.

I’m not letting the Republican Party off the hook. It is quite possibly the largest, most powerful politically organized scum party on the planet today—sure, it’s possible to point to fascist parties in Europe, but they’re marginal and the result of Europe’s more democratically representative elections. Republicans actually have the power and influence to do terrible things all over the world. It’s the mission and cause of the Republican Party to be destructive—it’s their very nature, not something to be emulated.

Some may say I’m overreacting, but the mentality of the current crop of GOP leaders shows that they don’t belong in power. Indeed, most probably belong in prison. Making people disappear to “undisclosed locations,” unprovoked invasions, torture, and denying habeus corpus (apparently even to American citizens, in some cases) are marks of fascism.