San Francisco shows NYC what not to build

I have only been to San Francisco once, but I really enjoyed it. It’s dense, it’s vibrant, it’s elegant – which is why it’s sad to see it get destroyed. Check out Streetsblog’s “San Francisco Mayor to NYC: ‘Eat Your Heart Out’.” I can count quite a few problems with that rendering just based on observing form vs. function:

  1. It’s big. It takes up five blocks. It disrupts the flow of pedestrian traffic for five blocks.
  2. The park is high up and inaccessible.
  3. The transit center probably doesn’t need to be in downtown. Stops can be in downtown; transfers can be in downtown; the transit center is redundant.
  4. If this is a terminal station, it’s a real waste. There’s no need to have a terminal station built in the most expensive part of the city.

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