Gillibrand offers ambitious agenda

Conservative Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand‘s agenda (“Gillibrand offers ambitious agenda,” 2008-11-26, by Diane Valden at The Independent Online) is laid out.


The congresswoman said she plans will be a “strong voice” for investment in middle class tax cuts, noting that property taxes are too high mostly due to unfunded mandates at the federal level. She said she will promote targeted tax credits for college tuition and early childhood education.

Transport and infrastructure:

Included in the government’s attention to infrastructure will be roads, bridges, sewer and water systems, high speed Internet access in rural areas and health care IT (information technology). Ms. Gillibrand said she has gotten healthcare IT money for Columbia Memorial Hospital, noting “mistakes are the biggest costs in health care.”

She said she would also like to see high-speed rail or light rail in this region to build public transportation, because “seniors need it” and there is limited bus service.

Energy: wind! solar! hydro!

Wind, solar and hydropower all offer opportunities for the creation of manufacturing jobs, she said, as does the exploration of alternative building materials. She referred to a young inventor who figured out how to make insulation out of a fungus, which turned out to be more efficient than petroleum-based products.

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