Stupid laws

Strange laws on the Suncoast” from (2007-10-11) had the be the most poorly written article ever, but some of the choice quotes in it were great. A local moron was swearing in front of children, so he got arrested for leaving a mud puddle in front of his house for more than 24 hours?

Sarasota’s city attorney says some of the laws in the miscellaneous section of the city code need to be updated. Some of them need to be changed and some removed completely.

Same thing in Bradenton. Should you really go to jail for leaving a mud puddle in front of your house for more than 24 hours?

When 45-year-old Christopher Haupt was arrested Saturday at the grand opening of Payne Park for swearing in front of a group of kids, some people were surprised that such a law existed.

Sarasota city attorney Bob Fournier says it may be a little old fashioned, but probably here to stay. “I certainly don’t want to condone that type of behavior and I don’t think city commissioners do either, so I’m not so sure that one is antiquated.”

The site should be Never use terrible grammar and diction like this in front of your kids:

Most people we spoke to agree with him. “It’s a rule you have to have because some people go nuts won’t stop and at that point doesn’t freedom of speech get involved with other people especially minors,” says Jay Warren.

Thank you for that nugget of wisdom, First Amendment Savant Jay Warren. (God, I hope that’s a misquote.)

Here’s another bit of local wisdom:

There are other strangely-worded laws. For example, one city ordinance prohibits a woman with a reputation for bad virtue from lounging about and behaving in an inappropriate manner. “See now you’ve got to define questionable virtue and bad reputation. Are you going to ban Lindsey Loman and Britney Spears and how about Hilary Clinton,” said another resident.

Holy shit, kids! Britney Spears and Lindsay “Loman” being compared to “Hilary” Clinton? Does Hillary walk around dressed like a hooker now? (Guess which one of the three is running for President of the United States.)

For more dumb laws, used to be fun. Now, of course, just check to see what the latest White House initiative is.

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